Grateful Patient – A Way to Say Thanks

The relationship you share with your healthcare professional is a special and unique bond. You trust these individuals and, in return, they advocate for your health and discover answers to your individual questions.

If you would like to thank a UPMC Northwest employee for all they did for you or someone you love, consider the Grateful Patient Program. Your donation doesn’t just recognize exceptional healthcare professionals in a permanent and significant way, it also supports the work they do, from helping purchase the latest technologies to funding continuing education.

How Your Gift Helps
By making a gift of any amount in your healthcare professional’s honor, you will help UPMC Northwest continue that same compassionate and essential care for others in the community. Your donation supports new technology, equipment, and facilities. It also advances the education and training of our dedicated team of healthcare professionals.

The Benefits of Your Gift
Simply complete and return the donation form and return with your personal message of thanks. We will make sure they receive your message and learn of your generosity. This is your opportunity to recognize the people who draw your blood for testing; the nurses who serve and administer medications; the dietary and support staff who serve food and disinfect rooms; transporters who ensure you reach your destination; physicians who heal…and many others.

Because of your support, the person you name will be recognized with a special pin that they can wear proudly. But most important, you will inspire that person even more to give future patients the commendable care that you received.

Click here to download our grateful patient donation form, or please use the button below to donate now.