Patient & Family Support


It is a choice no one should have to face: Pay rent and buy food – or get medical prescriptions filled. Yet, too often, it is a choice many are forced to make. Our patient-support programs help us better meet the needs of vulnerable community members and assist them in regaining their health. This support comes in many forms, including aid for minor medical expenses, medical equipment, or wherever the need is most critical.

We help support in the following ways:

Greatest Need
Unrestricted gifts are especially important because they provide financial support where the need is most critical. You can be assured that your donation will be used to fund the priorities of providing the best possible patient care at UPMC Northwest Hospital.

Patient Hardship Fund
This is an emergency fund for patients who are uninsured or under-insured, and without the means to pay for minor expenses related to their care. It is available to assist patients in obtaining prescriptions, durable medical equipment, supplies, or services they cannot financially afford.