Retired Doctor Remains Focused on Foundation’s Mission

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40 years ago, Dr. James E. Knarr had a vision. He left behind city life to begin his oral and maxillofacial surgery practice in Franklin, PA. He arrived with not just his medical credentials, but his passion to help others and the ideas needed to make a difference. One idea so big that it resulted in the inception of Northwest Hospital Foundation.

In the 1980s, hospital foundations were exclusively created to support larger hospitals such as The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, according to Dr. Knarr. A visionary, he knew that the creation of the Northwest Hospital Foundation would mean better patient care, improved programs and technology, and staff education opportunities.

“It doesn’t matter what type of foundation; the goal is really the same: To provide support for services and mostly monetary support to the organization,” Knarr said. “Our Foundation helps provide funding for services and equipment that would likely not be possible without the additional support, such as indigent care and education for staff.”

According to Dr. Knarr, the Foundation continues to fund programs and activities that go above and beyond what an established healthcare system would be expected to provide. This has a positive effect on the hospital’s ability to provide great care and has a direct and lasting impact on the health of our local communities.

“Support of Northwest Hospital Foundation permits donors to witness the benefits their support provides locally,” Knarr said.

Dr. Knarr remains a man of great energy who continues to actively give back as a donor and a volunteer. And even though he is approaching 80, he is just as enthusiastic as he was 40 years ago.

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