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Left to right: Paula Schall, Robin Perry, Pat Boland, Dr. Abdu, Todd Ledoux

Physicians at UPMC Northwest are using new equipment that can aide in the diagnosis of lung disease and lead to earlier, personalized treatment and potentially save lives.

A grant provided by the Northwest Hospital Foundation helped to fund the purchase of the SuperDimension™ Navigation System which enables procedures to be performed that provide a minimally invasive approach to accessing difficult-to-reach areas of the lung.

“This GPS-like technology paired with the electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy allows us to get into tiny airways to biopsy nodules in the lung that need further investigation, “ said Amgad Abdu, M.D. of Northwest Pulmonology-UPMC. “Because this technology is available here, our patients are able to have this procedure done locally, eliminating the need to travel and the added expense.”

Theresa Edder, executive director of the foundation said that UPMC Northwest is just one of five hospitals in the UPMC network that has this particular technology. “Projects like this directly reflect Northwest Hospital Foundation’s mission to enhance UPMC Northwest’s ability to provide high-quality care to the residents of the region it serves by making financial resources available to UPMC Northwest,” said Edder. “The foundation funds programs and activities that go above and beyond what is normally supported throughout the entire UPMC system, and we’re proud to be able to enhance the efforts of the staff and physicians to provide excellent care to patients and families at UPMC Northwest.”

For more information on the Northwest Hospital Foundation or to donate, call 814-676-7145. To contact Northwest Pulmonology-UPMC, call 814-678-6408.

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