RGHS Health Club Raises Funds for Patient Hardship

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Karen Baldwin, CEO Franklin-Oil Region Credit Union, Kelly Hart, Principal of Rocky Grove High School, Leann Highfield, teacher and Health Club advisor, Juliet Hilburn, Annual Giving Officer of Northwest Hospital Foundation, and Theresa Edder, Executive Director of Northwest Hospital Foundation, and students of the RGHS Oriole Health Club meet outside Rocky Grove High School.

The Rocky Grove High School Oriole Health Club and Franklin-Oil Region Credit Union raised $200 to benefit the Patient Hardship Fund of the Northwest Hospital Foundation. The RGHS Health Club hosted a Community Night Fundraiser at Hoss’s Restaurant in Seneca on April 28. The students raised $100 which was matched by Franklin-Oil Region Credit Union.

The Patient Hardship Fund is an emergency fund for patients at UPMC Northwest who are uninsured or under-insured, and without the means to pay for minor expenses related to their care. It is available to assist patients in obtaining prescriptions, durable medical equipment, supplies, or services they cannot financially afford.

For more information about the Patient Hardship Fund, please visit NorthwestHospitalFoundation.org or contact Theresa Edder, Executive Director by calling 814-676-7145 or emailing edderta2@upmc.edu.

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